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Babu and the Lion

     one day, there was a slave whose name was Babu. His master was very, very bad. You know, he often punched Babu and did not offer for days. Poor Babu! so he ascaped into a forest and slept in a cave.
      Next morning, he heard a loud roar. in front the mouth of the cave..., was a very big lion. You see, Babu was scared to death! Kind of scary, isn't it? But he could not escape.
      But the lion didn't attack him. It was tame. there was a large thorn in its right front foot. The lion looked at Babu. It seemed to say something like: "Please help me. It's very painful." Babu walked bravely to the lion and pulled out the thorn. Babu and the lion turned out to be friends.

The Crow and the Oyster

       A hungry crow saw an oyster on the beach one day. he wanted to eat the tasty meat inside the shell, so he tried to opon the oyster. First, he used his break but he could not open the shell. Then, he hit it with a stone but the shell still tighly shut. He even jumped up and down the oyster, but still he could not open it.
     Another crafty crow came by. He saw what teh first crow and tryiny to do and said, "My friend, may I offer you a good advice? I suggest that you pick up the oyster in your beak, fly high into the air, and then drop the oyster into the rocks below. The oyster shell will break open and you will be able to have your meal."
       The hungry crow thought taht it was a very good idea. He picked up the oyster with his beak and then he flew as high as he could. When he was sure that he was a high enough, he dropped the oyster into the rocks far below.
       The oyster shell broke wide open. however, the other crow was waiting on the beach nerby, and he reached the broken oyster first. He enjoyed the tasty meal while the hungry crow and nothing to eat.

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Man Oim
30 April 2015 20.44

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